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While I may now know exactly how I feel going into this new year or exactly how I stood leaving '06, I am sure that '07 is gonna be the year to dominate! I hope everybody was safe that night and still managed to have a kick ass time!

My new years eve was interesting. I woke up late, got dressed and my mother told me that my breasts were hanging out and I couldn't leave the house. So I went shopping for slutty clothing, but ran out of time and went to go see The History Boys which was very good, although I'm sure the film does no justice to seeing it live. Then I went home, felt sick / crashed and then woke up promptly at 8 so I could start to get ready for a party.

The party was good. Although at the inception of the fiesta the walls were painted with awkwardness, it got better as the night went on. But the most important fact is that I got to spend New Years with all of my closest friends...I mean, each and every one of them was there. And it felt good to be able to see them all there. Oh, and of course there were the jam sessions, the raves, the paparazzi, the sparklers and the fire alarm going off about 3 seconds after New Years, but hey - what happens at the party, stays at the party.

However, apparently the real party happened at my house...while I was asleep. So last night my friend woke me up with a text message at 1am, so of course I promptly cursed his name, silenced my phone, and went back to bed. In retrospect, I either should have turned it off or kept it on vibrate because two of my friends (whose names I know, but the driver remains a mystery) drove up to my house at 4am, tapped on my parents window, shouted my name, and totally freaked out my parents. It was dark and I don't think they recognized anybody, but yeah...I personally think it's funny and wish that I would have still been awake, or at least woken up.

So here's to a year of friendship, fulfillment, love, lust, no fears, success, and most importantly good times.
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